Do you know where your board was built?

Why does it matter?

Mass produced boards from overseas are flooding the market and driving the artisan surfboard builders out of business.

The goal of American Board Builders

There are 3 initiatives that we need to accomplish:


Did you know that imported surfboards have no import duty coming into the USA?

We need to help our elected officials bring this unfair advantage to an end. Foreign surfboard manufacturers are taking advantage of this situation by importing mass produced surfboards of inferior quality into the U.S.A. and selling them at a premium price.

We are looking for a 50-70% import duty on all surfboards brought into the U.S.A.. This will give the domestic surfboard builder a fighting chance to stay in business.


Rumors have been circling for years that foreign surfboard manufacturers actually sand off the “point of origin” indicator to hide the country where the surfboard was manufactured. Doing so is illegal and something must be done to remedy this problem. Without a point of origin indicator, it impossible for the consumer to know where the board was build and by whom; was it a 16 year old boy from Indonesia that has never surfed? Or a 12 year old girl working in a sweatshop in China or some other third world country?

Consumers have a right to know what they are buying, where it was made as well as the ecological/carbon footprint that these foreign surfboard manufacturers are having on our world. Here in the U.S.A. we have OSHA protecting the safety of the workers and other regulatory agencies like the EPA and AQMD to protect our environment. Foreign manufacturers do not follow the same regulations that we have.

Some of our biggest concerns are:

Pollution from container ships traveling across the oceans

Well water pollution/ground water contamination

BPA fumes polluting the air during manufacturing

The solution: a prominent "point of origin" indicator (4” X ¼” rice paper marker) placed UNDER the fiberglass in a conspicuous spot such as next to the middle or back fin.


The consumer needs to know that purchasing imported surfboards is killing the national and international surfboard building economy.  Many glass shops/shapers have had to close their doors due to the questionably immoral practice of consignment surfboards in such a large quantities. Their goal is to push the local manufacturer out of the rack space and monopolize every top surf shop in the U.S.A./World.

Consumers should know the “Idol” that represents the imported brand is most likely riding a completely different board than the ones that are on the racks at the local surf shop. These boards often sell for $800.00+ but cost to manufacture, in a foreign country only about  1/5 of the asking price, GREAT PROFITS FOR THE IMPORTER! Whereas the cost to build a board in the USA/Australia/Europe Is about +/- 3 times as much as the cost from a imported board due to heavy ecological mandates and regulations

How you can help

Sign the petition!!

We are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to create an import duty of 50-70% on surfboards imported into the U.S.A. to level the wholesale costs and keep American made surfboards viable in this highly competitive market. We would also like to request that the "Point of Origin" mark on each surfboard be laminated under the fiberglass, four inches in length, one quarter of an inch tall, placed next to the middle or back fin, in contrasting ink.

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